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A Quietway via Camberwell Grove


Southwark Council is consulting on the status of Camberwell Grove. The road goes over the railway via a bridge, just south of the junction with McNeil Road. This bridge has been closed to all motor traffic since October 2016, due to structural failure.

The council website says: 'Repairs to the bridge will soon be completed by Network Rail, which will allow it to be reopened for small motor vehicles (under 3 tonne) with traffic lights allowing alternate one-way flows to cater for both north and south-bound traffic'. The council wants to hear your views before taking a final decision on reopening the bridge. The consultation page is here (closing Monday 30 October).

We encourage Southwark residents to respond. Read on for our comments.

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The Green Party Autumn Conference 2017, Harrogate

Southwark Green Party at the Greens’ autumn conference in Harrogate, 7-10 October 2017

This was an occasion that injected a new spring into the steps of all those who were there, and we left with a fresh sense of purpose. Here is my personal view.

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Southwark Council is failing on social housing

Council's plans continue to push out poorest

Campaigning_for_housing_in_Elephant.jpgLondon Assembly estimates predict Southwark will lose 2,051 social rented homes as a result of current property schemes, and that across London 80% of building will only be affordable by 8% of the population. Southwark is in the bottom 3 boroughs for affordable housing.

So rather than creating a “fairer” Southwark, both current and previous councils have delivered a deal that is pushing our communities to the breaking point.

As Southwark Green Party, our candidates would call for:

  • Residents to be balloted on proposed demolition
  • Refurbishment over demolition (where it doesn’t put residents at risk)
  • Improved resident consultations, taking into account local needs
  • Supporting local community groups wishing to manage community assets
  • Supporting community land trusts wishing to build homes
  • Enforcing agreed social and affordable commitments by developers
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Helping to fix repairs

Challenging Southwark Council's repairs service

Ever needed a repair from the council? How long did you have to wait? Was it done to a decent standard?


Following our own walkabout, we reported 11 communal repairs on the Rockingham Estate in one day. We believe our council, and their contractors, are failing to keep our homes safe and secure.

Chaucer Green candidate, John Tyson, says, “As a resident of 6 years on the Rockingham, I know first hand the terrible repairs service we have: weeks and months to get repairs done, poor quality, lack of follow up. As councillor, I’d ensure there was a thorough review, particularly focused on finding failing contractors, and reducing wait times.”

John wrote the petition with the Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations that kept the telephone repair line free to call.

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Chaucer ward roundup: Working to make our neighbourhoods cleaner, safer and greener

So many residents in our communities are making a positive difference, and we’re working hard to support them. The voluntary sector adds an estimated £50bn to the UK economy a year, while unpaid carers save £60bn. We really value all that, and think you’re amazing.

John_Tyson.jpgJohn Tyson, the Green Party candidate for Chaucer Ward says: ‘So many in our community volunteer their time, through local groups, but also as parents and carers. We need to recognise, support and champion them.’

  • We’ve been helping Rocking Village plant new flower beds on Rockingham Street – reviving plant diversity and improving air quality.
  • We’ve been involved with consultations on Harper Road cycle safety and reducing traffic, working with Friends of Harper Road Triangle.
  • Green activist John Tyson is an active member of Tabard Growers, a community gardening project working with residents across Tabard Estate.
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Air pollution in Southwark is illegal

Last week, Green London Assembly member Caroline Russell delivered on our behalf our petition to the Mayor, asking for buses through Camberwell Green to be replaced with electric, hydrogen or hybrid buses. The petition got 525 signatures in total (online and on paper). Thanks to everyone who signed, tweeted and helped collect signatures - 

The South London Press also published the results of our nitrogen dioxide monitoring. Out of 20 sites, only two were within the legal limit - and one of these, Camberwell Grove, has no through traffic at the moment.


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Southwark Green Party's response to TfL's Camberwell Green proposals

Camberwell_Green_stock_image.jpgOverview: Some of the elements are genuinely useful. We support the new pedestrian crossing between Camberwell Passage and the Green, and the repositioning of the St Giles bus stop, to improve sight-lines.

But the plans offer far too little to improve safety. We cannot see that it is worthwhile doing this 'interim' work at great cost when it offers so little. We urge TfL to withdraw the plans and replace them with plans that consider Camberwell as a town centre with shops and community services, and consider how people actually need to move around it on foot or on bike. This is an essential step in tackling the current dangers of the junction as well as the wider public health emergency of air pollution.

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Thames clean up


Photo: John Tyson

We joined Thames 21 for the Big Bottle Count on Saturday 2 September. We picked up and counted plastic bottles, clear bottles for still water, fizzy drinks bottles, and milk bottles. Then we picked up a lot of plastic, mostly brightly coloured broken fragments gleaming against the pebbles and gravel. Here's a list of some of the things we found...

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Camberwell Green Consultation Response

Caroline_R_Eleanor_pointing.jpgTransport for London has published plans for changes to the junction at Camberwell Green. Full details and drawings can be found here.

Some of the proposals are genuinely useful. Much needed changes include: a new pedestrian crossing between Camberwell Passage and the Green, and the repositioning of the St Giles bus stop, setting it a few metres back from Vicarage Grove, to improve sight-lines.

But the plans offer far too little to improve safety.

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Concerns about conditions for residents on Ledbury Estate


Southwark Green Party has serious concerns about the escalating situation for residents on the Ledbury Estate in Peckham.

Safety issues on the estate were first raised over 30 years ago, and the blocks have since been the subject of reports by industry experts. While we recognise that control of the council has changed over the years, and mistakes made in the past are not the responsibility of the current leadership, it should not have taken the tragedy of Grenfell Tower for Council leaders to acknowledge problems on the Ledbury.

Residents have been without hot water and proper cooking facilities since 10 August. They should not have to heat water on a stove or with kettles to have a bath, or travel to a sports centre to use showers.

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Fire safety: Stop risking lives


After the Grenfell fire, Green activist John Tyson started a petition aimed at getting the Department for Communities and Local Government to implement the findings from the Lakanal fire inquest.

Recommendations from the report include:

  • use of fire resistant materials
  • regular fire assessments
  • providing residents with full instructions about what to do in the event of a fire.

The petition has received over 104,000 signatures, from people up and down the UK. 

On 22 August, John (right) delivered the petition to the Department for Communities and Local Government, with the support of Green London Assembly member Sian Berry (centre) and Dave Lewis, of Sceaux Gardens TRA and a witness of the Lakanal House fire (left). You can still sign it to keep up the pressure. 

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Standing up for democracy in Poland

Southwark Green Party member Ania Marzec-Manser has been supporting pro-democracy protests in Poland this month. She writes:

At the Global Greens and European Greens congress in Liverpool this year, I made contacts with the Polish Green party. I was asked to meet and help with setting up structures in the Gdansk branch of the party.

Two weeks ago I attended an international summer school where besides representatives of Polish Green party, there were representatives from Czech, German, Ukrainian and Dutch parties as well as foundations and Brussels institutions supporting green NGOs. I also met the sole Green councillor in Poland. Next year there will be local elections and for the first time the Greens want to have candidates in at least half of constituencies. It's a massive task.

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Not One Day More: Southwark Greens join national #ToriesOut demo

On Saturday 1 July, Green Party members from Southwark joined thousands of people from across the UK at a march on Parliament organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity to demand an end to Theresa May’s minority government.

Many of the protesters carried placards calling for justice for victims of Grenfell Tower, and a minute’s silence was held to remember them. Speakers at Westminster included the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Fire Brigades Union leader Matt Wrack and the Green Party’s Siân Berry, who chairs the London Assembly’s housing committee.

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Post-GE17 statement by Southwark Green Party

It was great to see Labour adopting some Green Party policies in its manifesto for the General Election in June. Our anti-austerity policies on social justice and abolishing student debt are clearly popular with voters! But Labour continues to support disastrous projects such as Heathrow expansion, the Hinkley Point nuclear power station and the renewal of Trident – not to mention leaving the EU. We need decisive action on air pollution, with a new Clean Air Act, and a commitment to protect the environment in the Brexit negotiations. While the UK political scene is very much on our minds, Southwark Greens continue to take practical steps to support environmental and social justice.

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Will our MPs oppose airport expansion?

Southwark_News_no_new_runways.jpgWe're asking our three Southwark MPs if they will oppose airport expansion - both to protect residents from noise and pollution and to combat climate change. The question has been asked in Southwark News and by individual members. We are still waiting for the MPs to let us know where they stand. If you live in Southwark, you can help by emailing your MP:

  • Neil Coyle (Bermondsey and Old Southwark):
  • Harriet Harman (Camberwell and Peckham):
  • Helen Hayes (Dulwich and West Norwood):

Please remember to include your address, so that they know you live in their constituency.

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Sunday 4 June 2017

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. … Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. - John Donne, 1624

This is a day of shock and deep sadness. Our hearts go out to all those affected by last night's tragic events. Thank you to Southwark's emergency services, who responded with such speed and bravery, and to the countless Southwark residents who offered shelter and support.

Today we are remembering the seven people killed yesterday at London Bridge, the injured and affected. We also remember Abdirahman Mohamed, a boy of 17 who was fatally stabbed on Southampton Way on Friday night.

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Make your vote count on 8 June!

Every Green vote counts. With more support, we will influence the direction of British politics.


In two Southwark constituencies, Camberwell & Peckham and Dulwich & West Norwood, the previous Labour MPs had huge majorities. They are not marginal seats.

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Our homes are not investment opportunities

John_Tyson_campaigning_for_fair_housing.jpgJohn Tyson, the Green Party candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, says: "The demolition of the Heygate Estate is the worst example of a council pushing out tenants and destroying communities, allowing absentee investors to benefit at the
expense of renters. We need better housing solutions."

The Green Party would:
abolish the cruel Bedroom Tax,
• set up a Renters Union,
refurbish, insulate and improve homes instead of demolishing,
• work with communities to find solutions that work for them.

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The NHS: Based on need, not ability to pay

Greens_support_the_NHS.jpgWhy is the government charging nurses to train, when we have a national shortage? Why is it paying private agencies millions for locum staff, instead of recruiting permanent staff and making sure their workinglife is sustainable?

The Green Party believes in an NHS that looks after us all. Molly Scott Cato, MEP says: ‘A fair tax system goes to the heart of what it means to be a just and equitable society, and it’s necessary to fund our increasingly stretched NHS.’ 60% of people in a recent poll said they thought corporations should pay more tax. Do you agree?

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Standing up for democracy on Europe

Molly_Scott_Cato_second_referendum.jpgGreen Party calls for a second referendum - this time with the facts

Southwark voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, with 72.3% of votes for Remain. The Green Party is making the case for a second referendum on the precise terms of the deal. We want voters to have an informed choice: sign up to the deal, or stay with what we have now and remain in the EU.

Would you buy a new phone without asking how much it’s going to cost? And yet, when it comes to the biggest decision for the future of our country, Theresa May has said that we will leave Europe whatever the outcome of her negotiations! It doesn’t make sense. Make sure your voice is heard.

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