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Walworth has been my home since 2005, and it is proving very difficult to leave. Now with two young children it becomes even more important to me that we take care that London and Southwark are greener than ever.

My biggest concerns are reducing air pollution, the housing situation and education. As a small business owner since 2007 I also deeply care about continuing the tradition of entrepreneurship but sustainably, with great concern about the impact of all human activity on living nature and the climate.

I am originally from Bulgaria but I came to London in 2003 on a holiday and I instantly fell in love with this vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Here is where I started a cleaning business but with a difference. Ultimately Eco Cleaning is providing healthy, ethical and green cleaning services and products across London. We are supporting the London living wage and educating our cleaners and clients about living an environmentally sound and more healthy lifestyle.

I don't have a high degree education, however I attended various courses through my life and I am constantly striving to learn about the world. I have great affinity for culture and the arts. Science is a complex matter but it is important to be aware of all new discoveries and research. I am particularly interested in medical research and technology.

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Ekaterina Belcheva - eco-friendly cleaning entrepreneurEco-friendly cleaning business owner Ekaterina Belcheva recently appeared on Sky News to showcase sustainable cleaning techniques.

New research suggests that lung function decline in women working as cleaners or regularly using cleaning products at home was comparable to smoking 20 cigarettes a day over 10 to 20 years.

The researchers speculated chemicals in cleaning products irritate the fragile mucous membranes lining the lungs, which over time leads to lasting damage and “remodelling” of the airways. 

"When you think of inhaling small particles from cleaning agents that are meant for cleaning the floor and not your lungs, maybe it is not so surprising after all," said Øistein Svanes, a doctoral student who led the study.

David Powell and Ekaterina Belcheva outside Newington Town HallThe historic Walworth Town Hall building on Walworth Road, and the Newington Library next door which houses the Cuming Museum, suffered significant damage in a fire in 2013. In 2015 plans were drawn up for the comprehensive redevelopment of the buildings, but Southwark Council has now paused these plans. They were costed at around £40 million, almost twice as much as the original budget. Evidently there was no adequate fire insurance policy despite the fact that both these Edwardian buildings are Grade 2 listed.

Labour-run Southwark Council has never published the results of its last public consultation on the future of the building. Instead, it has published a glossy website walworthtownhall.com proclaiming an "opportunity" for "investors, developers, businesses, organisations or other consortia" to express their interest in "play[ing] their part in reviving this historic gem". The council proclaims its willingness to consider "ancillary and complementary commercial uses" alongside arts and culture uses retaining "some genuine public access to... parts of the site".

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