Million-pound home sits empty as homelessness grows

Eleanor Margolies slams council inaction on Camberwell house

A four-bedroom house in Camberwell has been left unoccupied for 20 years.

Eleanor Margolies: Standing up for action on empty homesLocal resident Eleanor Margolies said, "In 2002, I contacted Southwark Council about this house. I was told that the council was “in negotiations” with the owner. It's a scandal that the house is still empty and rotting away 15 years later. This is a shocking waste when so many in Southwark are in need of a home."

Local councils can make a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) of unoccupied buildings. Or they can use an Empty Dwelling Management Order — they have to pay to refurbish the building but keep the rental income afterwards.

Eleanor commented, "On the Aylesbury Estate, Southwark Council has taken high court action to force residents out of their homes with a CPO, but here in Camberwell, they seem very reluctant to use their powers to bring a private property unoccupied for 20
years back into use as a home."

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