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London Green Party: Election Manifesto

Zoë Garbett has launched her manifesto for a greener, more affordable London. 

The Green Party candidate for Mayor of London offers a more bold alternative to the current Labour administration at City Hall: “London needs a more ambitious mayor" insists Zoë, "more committed to taking on the challenges ahead of us. The time for being timid has passed, we need to be courageous and have a clear plan for London.”

Read the manifesto here and a digested 'mini manifesto' here.  

Photograph of Zoë Garbett, Green Party candidate for London Mayor, with London Assemby members Sian Berry, Zack Polanski and Caroline Russell.""

Zoë Garbett, with (left to right) London Assemby members Sian Berry, Zack Polanski and Caroline Russell.


Want to help get Zoë Garbett get elected? See our events page for Action Days.


Snapshot of the election

Polling day is Thursday 2nd May

Approved Photo ID is needed. See details here on this important change.

In the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections you can vote once for a Mayor of London (Green Party candidate is Zoë Garbett) and for two members of the London Assembly, one to represent your constituency (Green Party candidate for Lambeth & Southwark is Claire Sheppard) and one for London as a whole.


Meet Your Green Party Candidate for London Assembly

Claire Sheppard, a compassionate, hard-working campaigner with community in her heart is asking for your vote for the London Assembly.

Claire – candidate for Lambeth & Southwark and on the London-wide List of candidates –  is a Peckham-based community activist, small business owner, cancer survivor and mum who has lived in the area for 25 years.

In 2020 Claire co-founded Nunhead Knocks community mutual aid group, providing and co-ordinating practical support in SE15 trough Covid. In winter 2022/23 the group pivoted to providing small community grants, fundraising over £40k over three years. In one tough winter alone almost £20k in individual grants of £50 meeting the basic needs of food and fuel.

Claire came to politics later in life following major life experiences: new motherhood, cancer treatment and applying for Universal Credit. She vowed that once recovered, she would make a positive contribution to her community and do all she could to leave the world a better place for her son. She has campaigned in six elections in the last six years, and as Green Party Candidate for Lambeth and Southwark in the London Assembly elections in 2021 beat the Tories into 3rd place.

Claire is a proven hard-working, caring and respected campaigner who, in her words, will work her socks off for her fellow Londoners.

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Meet Your Green Party Candidate for London Mayor

Zoë Garbett, a passionate and committed councillor with a proven track record of election success is the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London.

A Dalston ward Councillor in the London Borough of Hackney, Zoë is passionate about tackling injustice & inequality. From her work in the NHS and in public health, she understands the root causes of issues and is not afraid to stand up for people when she see injustice. Zoë campaigns against the use stop and search and racist policing through work with groups and by holding authorities to account. And when food delivery riders were unfairly targeted by the police, she challenged the officers on the scene and was relentless in her public questioning. She has joined striking workers on picket lines and championed the needs of small, local businesses.

Zoë works with people and community groups to develop policy and services, using her experience in the NHS and as the leader of the opposition Green Group on Hackney council to amplify voices and issues ignored by others. She works alongside residents in



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Calling on Southark Council to support the people of Gaza

A Southwark member gives their take on how the Green Party is providing leadership on the war in Gaza


I was a Labour Party member for 48 years until November last year when I joined the Greens. Whilst over the years I became increasingly disillusioned with Keir Starmer reneging on all the policy pledges he gave when he was elected leader, it was his failure to call out Israel’s crimes or to join the majority of countries at the United Nations to call for a ceasefire that was the final straw. I remember living through the genocide in Rwanda and the mass murder in Srebrenica and feeling so helpless. But in the case of Gaza we can stop the killing. If the people of the world shout loudly enough, those who are providing Israel with the political support and the weapons of mass destruction will have to listen. As a key backer of Israel, the UK can exert great influence.

Both Conservative and Labour party leaderships have been happy to support

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Siân Berry AM

London Assembly

Caroline Russell AM

London Assembly


London Assembly Member, Zack Polanski

Zack Polanski

London Assembly


Caroline Lucas MP

House of Commons 


Jenny Jones

Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb

House of Lords

Natalie Bennett

Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle

House of Lords 




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