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Calling on Southark Council to support the people of Gaza

A Southwark member gives their take on how the Green Party is providing leadership on the war in Gaza


I was a Labour Party member for 48 years until November last year when I joined the Greens. Whilst over the years I became increasingly disillusioned with Keir Starmer reneging on all the policy pledges he gave when he was elected leader, it was his failure to call out Israel’s crimes or to join the majority of countries at the United Nations to call for a ceasefire that was the final straw. I remember living through the genocide in Rwanda and the mass murder in Srebrenica and feeling so helpless. But in the case of Gaza we can stop the killing. If the people of the world shout loudly enough, those who are providing Israel with the political support and the weapons of mass destruction will have to listen. As a key backer of Israel, the UK can exert great influence.

Both Conservative and Labour party leaderships have been happy to support

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Global Green Congress Reportback

Global Greens Congress - Report back
Green Party members gathered in person and on Zoom, at Camberwell Library last Wednesday 9 August to hear reports from the recent Global Greens Congress in Seoul, South Korea. 
Speakers and attendees at Camberwell Library for the panel event
Catherine opened the session with a report on how she was selected as the representative of the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW), the arrangements for her travel and accommodation and the modules she attended in the three-day congress. She also gave a flavour of

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Members Business Meeting - July

Members Business Meeting - July
Southwark Green Party held its second new style Members Business Meeting on Saturday 22 July in the splendid Dulwich Library. Members discussed a number of topics including:
- On-going campaigning activity and the 2024 London Assembly Elections
- Newington by-election 
- Candidate selection for the General Election
- Party finances
Sadly the weather put paid to our plans for a picnic in Dulwich Park so discussions were continued informally over lunch at "The Plough".
Our next quarterly Business Meeting will be in October in the North East of the Borough - check the Events page for detail on this in the coming weeks and to keep up to date with our activities.
If you'd like to get more involved supporting the work of the Southwark Green Party get in touch - [email protected]

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Newington By-Election Result

Newington By-Election Result
Labour held its seat at the recent by-election with the Lib Dems increasing their share to come second. The Green Party candidate Ruben Buendia, aged just nineteen, who finished his A-level exams days earlier, finished third with 9 per cent of the vote. He said: “I was quite happy with the result – we got a warm and positive response.”
LAB: 57.6% (-5.3)
LDM: 27.9% (+15.4)
GRN: 9.0% (-6.2)
CON: 5.6% (-3.9)

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Zack Polanski

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