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Help us spread the word about clean air

Just started
35 donors

We'd like to spread the word about what individuals can do to protect themselves and tackle air pollution.

With your help, we are going to commission a simple, bold postcard that explains the facts.

We'll produce 20,000 postcards so we can donate them to anyone who wants to give them to friends and neighbours.

Will you help us fund it?

Please make a small donation via this page.

Will you spread the word?

If you'd like to join an anti-idling action in Southwark with other people (training in a friendly, non-confrontational approach will be given!), or receive a pack of postcards to hand out to friends and colleagues, drop us a line on [email protected]

We'll be in touch as soon as the project is funded and the postcards ready!

We are members of the London Clean Air Coalition and we support the Green Party campaign for clean air, including a new Clean Air Act for the 21st century.

Useful info

Breathing Cities - The Green Party's campaign for Clean Air

Breathe London - run by King's College London Environmental Research Group

Clean Air in London - an incredible source of information and research

Doctors Against Diesel - drawing on their experience of asthma, lung and heart disease

Healthy Air - a good site to start with for the basic facts

Idling Action London - did you know it is against the law to leave engines running when stopped?