No New Runways

On Thursday 22 December, Southwark Green Party member Tom Venner-Woodcock will appear at Ealing Magistrates Court. He was part of a group of 15 people who blockaded a road near Heathrow last month. His protest highlights the serious risks that airport expansion poses to Londoners' health and the global climate.

Other members of Southwark Green Party will join a rally at the court to support the protestors and oppose the third runway. 

The 'M4 15' group protesting against the new runway plan includes a grandmother and the mother of a young child. One member  says,

"We didn't take the decision to take direct action lightly - we did it because we felt we had no other choice. Expanding Heathrow is a disastrous policy whichever way you look at it. It would mean more air pollution, more climate changing emissions and the bulldozing of hundreds of people's homes. Our protest is only the beginning of a wave of direct action that will, in time, bring the plans to expand Heathrow to a halt."

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