Your candidates for Southwark Council

On Thursday 3rd May 2018, you have the opportunity to elect Green councillors to Southwark Council. There are Green candidates standing in each of Southwark's 23 wards, and here you can find their biographies and photos. Select a ward from the sub-menu, or scroll down this page organised alphabetically by ward name.

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What have Lambeth, Lewisham, Camden and Islington got that's missing from Southwark? Green councillors! In those London boroughs, Green councillors are scrutinising expenditure, defending council housing and bringing a breath of fresh air into local politics.

Borough & Bankside ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Borough & Bankside ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Peter Hamilton, Maren White and Will Leuchars.

Peter HamiltonPeter Hamilton has recently retired from a lifetime in the law as a barrister, and is now ready to do what he can for the people of Southwark. He says: "Southwark Council should work for the common good of the community, especially in housing, health including social care, and public transport. Housing policy should focus on renovating existing estates and keeping communities intact, so maintaining support systems and friendship groups and avoiding stress and potential long-term mental and physical harm for residents. Public transport should be based on a good and frequent services by hydrogen and electric buses, so reducing the use of private vehicles and levels of air pollution. Cycling should be further encouraged by extending the cycle lane network and designating sensible quiet ways for all ages to schools, libraries and parks."

Maren WhiteMaren White says: "Green Party policies need to start locally. As a settled, semi-retired, Southwark resident there is now space in my life to work towards helping to make the place I live in a happier, cleaner, more just, equal and green one for all. Housing, transport, air pollution and facilities for families, such as libraries, are high on my list of spaces and places in which to make changes for the better. The children of Southwark are part of its future and they need all the help that we can give them and their families. They need stable housing to grow up in, good education and local support systems; safe, pollution-free spaces to play in with friends and family, and access to nature to explore."

Camberwell Green ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Camberwell Green ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Tracey Beresford, Paul Ingram, and Alexis Fidgett.

Tracey BeresfordTracey Beresford has lived in Camberwell for 10 years, and works in one of the town centre’s small independent shops. A long-time Green voter, she decided to join the Green Party in 2014 after becoming involved in the campaign - supported by Green peer Jenny Jones - against Southwark Labour’s destruction of Camberwell community orchard. As secretary of the Friends of Camberwell Green, Tracey continues to work for the protection and enhancement of green spaces. She is also a committee member of her local tenants and residents association, which she represents at meetings of the Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations. She is strongly opposed to the sell-off of public housing by Southwark Council. 

Paul Ingram lives in Camberwell and runs an international NGO working with governments to achieve nuclear disarmament. He believes passionately in political approaches that recognise the depth of our dependency on healthy ecosystems and communities, locally and internationally. He has been an elected Green City Councillor in Oxford, and was co-leader of the Council there from 2000-02.


Alexis Fidgett has lived and worked in Camberwell for 8 years. In that time, he has grown to love the area and can't imagine moving away. He says, "One of the reasons I support the Green party is my desire to see the local Labour council held to account for their regeneration plans - which have priced out people who have lived here their whole lives and deprived others of the option I had when I chose to move here. The Green Party believes in a fairer future for all, and that's what I am working for."

Champion Hill ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Champion Hill ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Michael Millar and Alex Howard.

Michael Millar

Michael Millar is a retired NHS hospital doctor, who has lived in Camberwell for 18 years. His support for the Green Party comes from a desire to ensure that the natural world that our children inherit is rich and diverse, and that the potential to live well is not constrained by environmental damage. Cycling is his main mode of transport and he strongly supports further development of the cycling network in London. He continues to support medical research in a variety of ways and has become increasingly concerned about the relationship between inequality and ill health. He favours those social, housing and educational policies which help children develop their full potential, and which reduce inequality of opportunity.

Alex Howard has lived in Southwark for 20 years, in Camberwell and East Dulwich. Alex is a manufacturing systems engineer and management consultant, specialising in sustainability. He also runs a social enterprise, Engines for Good that seeks to promote retrofitted electric vehicles as a low cost, low carbon transport solution. Alex is committed to living sustainably and building green communities for all. He has school-age kids and is actively working with the new local secondary school, The Charter School, East Dulwich, promoting sustainability issues. He has campaigned for solar panels on local schools, and helps run monthly Play Street road closures. He is also a committed cyclist. Alex says: “Like many of us, I am shocked and ashamed at our country’s lurch to the far right; the Green Party is a truly progressive, inclusive party that seeks to address the biggest issues, which affect us all, locally and globally.”

Chaucer ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Chaucer ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Winnie Baffoe, Phil Vabulas and Rebecca Warren.


Winnie Baffoe writes: "I am wife to Peter, mother to three delightful children. I attended Robert Browning primary school and St Saviour’s and St Olave’s secondary school. I am a community organiser for Mummies Republic (for Mummies by Mummies). Our work responds to central and local government legislation which is detached from reality and human need, particularly for our most vulnerable. If it is true that the home is where the heart is, then existing social policies have ignored our life source. Home life is a struggle where there is food poverty, home life is stifling where there is overcrowding, home life can be dangerous to health where repairs are stalled by bureaucracy. A home becomes burdensome when rents are unaffordable. Home is where our children should return without concerns about violence on the streets. In extension it is destructive for victims of domestic abuse to be the ones leaving the home. We have skirted around critical issues concerning the home in our regeneration aspirations.  We must hold our governments to account as they have a duty of care to our wellbeing."


Phil Vabulas is co-chair of Southwark Green Party. A long-time campaigner on national and international issues with Amnesty and Liberty, Phil was brought into local politics when he heard about the shameful treatment of Heygate and Aylesbury residents. Since then he has supported campaigns on housing, helped prevent a homeless charity from being evicted and assisted Southwark residents with complaints about councillor behaviour. Phil works as an Educational Data Analyst, and has previously been an accountant for charities and schools. This has given him a forensic eye for detail, along with a mind for innovative solutions to problems - skills that are sorely lacking amongst current councillors. A passionate campaigner for feminism, BME and trans rights, Phil promises to ensure all council policies are designed in a way that benefits all people. Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

Rebecca Warren is an active Hounslow Green Party member who has worked in the public sector in Southwark since 2003. She supports Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth, and wants Southwark Council to improve education, fight NHS cuts and improve the lives of Southwark residents.

Dulwich Hill ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Dulwich Hill ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Myrtle Bruce-Mitford and Jamie Vincent.

Myrtle Bruce-Mitford is a professional musician and music teacher as well as a qualified teacher of Dalcroze Eurhythmics. She has lived in Dulwich Hill ward (formerly College Ward) for over 30 years. Since joining the Green Party three years ago she has been a tireless and dedicated campaigner in two general elections, three by-elections, the London Assembly and Mayoral elections and the current local elections.

Jamie Vincent has lived and worked in and around Southwark for over ten years, with one of his daughters being born in the same hospital as her grandfather and great-grandfather. The issues faced by Londoners over housing have been shared as private renters by him and his partner, an Italian national, and the need to move home frequently due to rising rental costs and the demands of a family. He travels the borough by foot, cycle and bus. He lost his job in the museum sector through outsourcing, which he fought as a member of PCS Union, and has witnessed the cost of cuts to the arts and heritage sector, despite accounting for £24.5bn to the UK economy in 2015. He now works in Building Management. He has been a volunteer for organisations such as Groundwork London, London Wildlife Trust and Crisis, improving green spaces and supporting the homeless. His involvement with the Green Party comes from concern about the environmental issues that will affect his daughters and other future generations. The work of Green councillors in Lambeth and Islington, as well as our London Assembly members, has been an inspiration to show that the Green Party can make a difference to the lives of Londoners.

Dulwich Village ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Dulwich Village ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Bill Chidley and Gulnar Hasnain.

Bill ChidleyBill Chidley has been a resident of East Dulwich for 5 years, and has been a Green Party member for over 20. He has volunteered in various roles for the Green Party at local and London level in roles from canvasser to candidate, and has worked for former Green Party MLA Noel Lynch at City Hall. He is a well known London cycle activist and blogger, and has campaigned to reduce deaths caused by lorries for over 20 years. He is a great admirer of the work on road danger reduction of former Southwark councillor Jenny Jones, seeing Jenny’s work as contributing enormously to the quality of life of Londoners. He believes that the health problems caused by poor air quality are Southwark’s hidden health epidemic, and would actively and vigorously campaign for the council to radically reduce road traffic around the borough’s schools. He also believes that only if there are safe, segregated routes for cycling will the suppressed demand for cycling in the borough be met. He will therefore encourage the council to build on the success of the Mayor’s Cycle Superhighways and extend the network onto the borough’s roads. Bill, as the son of a London copper, also thinks that we need more police on the streets, and will campaign to reverse the cuts in police numbers and funding. 

Gulnar Hasnain

Gulnar Hasnain is a local resident having first lived in the area over 20 years ago. She is a mum of three boys and works part-time for a social enterprise working with children in the care system. Gulnar joined the Green Party in 2014 having spent a year in Istanbul and realising what could happen to London in the absence of a strong Green lobby. Gulnar has campaigned on issues such as reducing air pollution, protecting green space and defending libraries. If elected Gulnar would work with others on reducing the high levels of air pollution in the ward, reducing crime and strengthening community safety, and supporting local business. Gulnar has an MEng in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, an MSc in Development Studies from Birkbeck, and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She used to work for the Mayor of London’s economic development agency leading on climate change and sustainability strategy. In 2015 and 2017 Gulnar stood as the Green Party’s  Parliamentary Candidate for Vauxhall. Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

Dulwich Wood ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Dulwich Wood ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Chris Glenn and Dale Rapley.

Chris GlennChris Glenn has lived in Southwark for many years. He is a family therapist, working for many years in the area of child and adolescent mental health. He is currently a Professional Adviser for the charity Young Minds, providing phone consultations nationwide to parents and carers experiencing difficulties with their children. Over the years he has supported campaigns to defend the health service and other local services. He passionately believes in holding national government to account for growing inequality and poverty, whilst also opposing Southwark Labour's strategy of selling off council housing. Chris is clear it is these wrong policies that are to blame for the lack of services rather than migrants, refugees or the EU.

Dale Rapley

Dale Rapley is an actor who has supported a number of local campaigns, including fighting Lambeth Labour Party's plans to demolish the Central Hill and Cressingham Gardens Estates against the wishes of local residents, along with their running down of local library services. He also backed the successful campaign against Boris Johnson's attempt, along with Bromley Council and a Chinese consortium, to re-build the former Crystal Palace as a hotel and retail centre, and the recently successful bid to restore the cinema on Church Road to its former use. He has been campaigning for a proportional electoral system for over 17 years. Dale said: "I am passionate about the need for fundamental economic change to tackle inequality in our community. We need to shift away from the undemocratic corporate takeover of our city and encourage the development of environmentally sustainable, mutually supportive local communities and enterprises, including genuinely affordable housing, reliable transport and clean air." Dale has lived in Dulwich Wood Ward, formerly College Ward, with his partner, Bryan, for over seven years. Follow Dale (@dalerapley) on Twitter

Faraday ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for the Walworth ward of Faraday in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Ignas Galvelis, Liba Hoskin and Liam Hennessy.


Ignas Galvelis is a longtime supporter of the Green Party. He has participated in green campaigns in London, Southwark as well as Bristol. He is standing in Faraday ward to fight for the rights of Aylesbury Estate and other social tenants, local leaseholders and to address the local concerns of health, environmental pollution and social inequality. Ignas has built and maintained technologies to help solve medical and environmental challenges. He volunteered in environmental and technological non-profit Focus Fusion Society for more than a decade and helped raise money for critical research components to provide an alternative clean, green and plentiful energy source to address the social issue of energy poverty. Ignas profoundly cares about universal social and environmental equality and putting people before profits. [Read more...] 

Liba_Hoskin_(2).JPGLiba Hoskin is a Walworth resident of 30 years, and coordinator of Walworth Green Party. She is a retired maths teacher, and mother to three adult children. A housing campaigner, she is active in Alvey TRA, Elephant Amenity Network and Southwark Defend Council Housing. She has volunteered in local parks to help improve local green spaces. Liba stands for investing in education, culture, sport, youth and adult care - as a means of saving on health and crime expenses, and increasing residents' quality of life. She supports cleanup and investment in public transport, secure cycling routes and quietways, planting and maintenance of trees to improve air quality. She wants to preserve and invest in good quality council housing stock, as a best means for providing secure and sustainable housing. She stands for rent control, and against socially and environmentally wasteful demolitions of council estates and the breaking up of communities. [Read more...] download.png Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

Liam HennessyLiam Hennessy is an architect with 30 years experience working in London. He is a strong supporter of social housing and improving London’s environment. Liam believes that the Aylesbury so-called regeneration scheme may be the most shameful scheme ever proposed in London, as it means the permanent loss of 778 council homes, and evicting 778 lower income families/households from their homes - evicting them off the Aylesbury Estate, and evicting them away from their community. download.png

Goose Green ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Goose Green ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are David Jennings, Dale Latchford and Rose Ades.

David JenningsDavid Jennings has lived in East Dulwich for over ten years. He has played a key part in Southwark Green Party’s campaigns on air quality. Most recently he coordinated the monitoring of air quality at Goose Green Primary School — in support of the successful campaign to install a ‘green screen’ between the play area and the road — and the public playground. David wants to ensure that open spaces like Green Dale, which function as lungs for the community, retain their protected status as Metropolitan Open Land. David is an occupational psychologist and creates online learning courses for trade unionists and teachers. Follow David (@GooseGreenGP) on Twitter...

Dale Latchford writes: "I have lived in East Dulwich since 2012, having moved to be nearer family and enjoy the cleaner air, lovely parks and open spaces. I have been pleased to discover a brilliant, vibrant and compassionate community here. How lucky we are! I began volunteering at the Copleston Centre in Peckham, where I started as a support worker engaged on mental health and wellbeing projects. Primarily my role was to run the café and spend time with local residents. I was then invited to join the Management Committee as a trustee and became an active member of the Fundraising Committee. I hope to develop a social enterprise model to deliver community-based early intervention programmes targeting early stage depression, anxiety and stress within a community setting. I am an Executive Search Consultant and Coach by profession, providing recruitment services and structured advice. In my spare time I have studied Psychotherapy and Counselling at Birkbeck, University of London, and qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach. As a Green Party member I have a passion for improving the wellbeing of local people. I am acutely aware of the role that our physical environment (pollution) and political and social systems (housing and education) play in our lived experience. I feel it is important to battle on all fronts, and demand the best lives for ourselves, our children and every member of our community."

Rose Ades came to live in Southwark nearly 30 years ago. A journalist and solicitor, Rose has been active in a variety of community projects and campaigns in south east London that bring people together in conserving the environment, making the most of natural resources and improving transport, accessibility, and public health. As Head of the Cycling Centre of Excellence at Transport for London Rose helped to make cycling a popular and practical form of transport for adults as well as children.

London Bridge & West Bermondsey ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for London Bridge & West Bermondsey ward in the deferred Southwark Council local election on Thursday 14 June 2018 are Claude Werner and Bernard Creely.

Claude WernerClaude Werner began his social activism in Newcastle upon Tyne. There he set up a residents association and a neighbourhood watch programme and actively campaigned to protect safe places for families and children. He moved to London and settled in Bermondsey in 2014, where shortly after he joined the Green Party and became interested in bigger issues. Since then he's been involved in the last two general elections as well as helping out with some council by-elections. He's also a strong supporter of participatory systems (political and economical) and an active campaigner for issues surrounding inequality and environmental abuses.

Newington ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Newington in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Betiel Mehari, David Powell and Ekaterina Belcheva.


Betiel Mehari is a single mother of two children. She works in retail on a zero-hours contract. Betiel became a housing activist to try to save her own home. Betiel's family lost their home in Brixton when her estate was completely demolished by her housing association Guinness in a "regeneration" scheme. She was forced to leave Brixton, losing the local community she strongly valued, with huge disruption to her family. Furthermore, Guinness whacked up the rent in the family's new flat, from a "social rent" of £109 per week to a so-called "affordable rent" of £265 per week. Betiel says: "'Affordable' rent is a con. It's set at 80% of market rents, not according to any measure of actual affordability. With two kids it requires an income of £35,000 - higher than the national average." Betiel is now fighting to stave off being evicted for a second time. If Betiel is evicted, she may have to accept rehousing outside London; if she refused to do so she could be classed as "intentionally homeless", losing her rehousing rights altogether. Betiel's own health has been affected and she describes her life as "totally ruined". [Read more...]  Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

David_Powell.pngDavid Powell's area of interest and expertise is education. He has lived in Walworth and Kennington for over 30 years, and his sons went to a local primary school where he has been a Governor for over ten years. A performing musician, David does some teaching for Southwark Music Service, and has done instrumental teaching as well as short music projects in many Southwark primary schools. He is also Director of Music at a local Parish Church which contributes to a local Food Bank, and hosts projects for asylum-seekers and homeless people. David wants to bring about a change in local housing policy. He says: "Many people in this area feel powerless to influence decision-making by a remote Council, ignored and marginalised.[Read more...] download.png

Ekaterina BelchevaWalworth has been Ekaterina Belcheva's home since 2005, and "it is proving very difficult to leave. Now with two young children it becomes even more important to me that we take care that London and Southwark are greener than ever." Ekaterina's biggest concerns are reducing air pollution, the housing situation, and education. She says: "As a small business owner since 2007 I also deeply care about continuing the tradition of entrepreneurship, but sustainably, with great concern about the impact of all human activity on living nature and the climate." Originally from Bulgaria, Ekaterina started a cleaning business in London but with a difference, providing healthy, ethical and green cleaning services and products. She says: "We are educating our cleaners and clients about living an environmentally sound and more healthy lifestyle. I am constantly striving to learn about the world. I have great affinity for culture and the arts. Science is a complex matter but it is important to be aware of all new discoveries and research. I am particularly interested in medical research and technology." 

North Bermondsey ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for North Bermondsey ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Kevin Jones and Clare Cummings.

Kevin JonesKevin Jones is a freelance consultant who has lived in Bermondsey for ten years. He has been a long-term advocate of policies that help protect the environment, and this led to him join the Green Party in 2016. “I’m keen that we make the borough a healthier, cleaner and happier place to live and work. Priority areas for me are: affordable housing for families; excellent education facilities for children; and a transport strategy that ensures we have reliable and frequent services and also invests in infrastructure that has a positive impact on the environment, including increasing the number of electric and hydrogen buses on the roads, further extending London’s cycling network, and increasing the number of charge points for electric vehicles.”

Clare Cummings has lived in Southwark for the past four years and is alarmed at the local injustices facing many Londoners in the form of air pollution, access to housing, road traffic fatalities and threats to our shared public spaces. Clare has campaigned with Fossil Free Southwark to persuade Southwark Council to divest its pension funds from fossil fuel companies, showing that global challenges can be addressed locally. As London continues to grow and is affected by global and national changes, Clare is committed to fighting to make Southwark a liveable place for everyone - healthy, affordable, sustainable and where people can know and trust each other.

North Walworth ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for North Walworth in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Peter Baffoe, Guy Mannes-Abbott and Lina Usma.

Peter BaffoePeter Baffoe is Southwark born and bred. He works as a community development officer for a small charity based in Bermondsey. He is husband to Winnie and they have three "adorable" children. Having grown up in the borough, through his work in a local charity and role as governor at a Southwark primary school, Peter sees the impact of decisions made by the government and local council on the vulnerable, young and old. He has witnessed the positive development in Southwark, but believes more sustainable and equitable approaches are required in matters which impact our communities such as housing, employment, education, recreation and the environment. [Read more...]  Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

Guy Mannes-AbbottGuy Mannes-Abbott is a writer whose work often performs in visual arts contexts, and a former AA School of Architecture lecturer. He has lived on Balfour Street for 27 years, latterly with Sanna, a Swedish architect, and their two boys aged 17 and 5. Guy led what became a community campaign to force the Council and Lendlease to recognise the public welfare or commons value of the 458-tree urban forest on the old Heygate Estate, which produced planning precedents and saved 182 trees. Beyond that Lendlease are some 900 trees into 1600 mandated replacements planted through the neighbourhood. There were and are alternatives to Southwark’s approach to "regeneration", and Guy stood up for objectors to the Heygate Estate demolition at Planning Committee in 2013, in dramatic contrast to two of the sitting councillors who at the time were happy to support a 3% social rent scheme, with 20% car spaces in a car-free regeneration. He is a new school governor at Friars School. [Read more...] Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

Lina Usma, originally from Colombia, has been in the borough of Southwark for nearly 20 years. She is the director of Extra Media, a company based in Manor Place. Lina has been involved for many years with the local communities, as she was a Community Development Support Officer at CAS where she had the opportunity to be in touch with many local organisations. As a local tenant and a member of the Latin American Community, Lina is fighting to make sure that community businesses are protected and are not displaced. She is also a trustee in Su Mano Amiga, aiming to help victims of Domestic Violence in Southwark and Lambeth. She is keen to support any initiatives related to women, sustainability and community development as she knows women have so much to offer.  Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

Nunhead & Queen's Road ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Nunhead & Queen's Road in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Bartley Shaw, Stephen Barbe and Rosalie Schweiker.

Bartley Shaw has lived in Nunhead for 17 years and works for a children’s book publisher in Southwark. Bartley wants to see progressive thinking at the heart of decisions that shape our community. Top of the list for him are improving the environment, championing pedestrian, bicycle and public transport solutions and ensuring that local development is informed by all of Nunhead's communities making it a great place to live for everyone. Bartley is a volunteer for the Peckham Coal Line project, a Friend of Nunhead Cemetery and founder of a neighbourhood eco bulk-buying scheme. Follow Bartley ( on Twitter

Stephen Barbe

Stephen Barbe joined the Green Party in the early 1980s, when it was then the Ecology Party. Since then he has stood several times in local elections, sometimes beating Conservative Party candidates. He sees the Greens as the only political party to treat environmentalism seriously. He feels that the welfare of the biosphere, including other humans, is everyone’s responsibility and he does his best to minimise his global footprint. For a living he works as a musician in community, health, social care and education sectors. This can mean playing music in a dementia ward, or running a workshop in a school or open event. His workshops often involve making rhythms out of discarded and found objects, with implied environmental education objectives as well as the more obvious musical ones.

Rosalie Schweiker, artistRosalie Schweiker is an artist, who doesn't really make any artworks. She's much more interested in using art as a tool for people to change everyday politics. For example, recently she's asked residents at a new development in Oxfordshire what they would like to do with £6000 of public arts funding. This participatory budgeting process is still ongoing and the conversations and conflicts are all part of the artwork. Rosalie has been interested in politics for a long time, but only really got involved during the EU referendum, when she co-founded Keep It Complex, an artist collective. Together the all-female group runs humorous political campaigns such as "Potatoes Are Immigrants" and "Britain is not an island". They also organise many events for politicians and cultural workers to meet and exchange strategies - something Rosalie is very keen on. "Politics nowadays is as much about policies as it is about creating and sustaining visibility for your values and ideas. As an artist, I'd like to open up policy-making and politics to a wider demographic, not just those with money and power." More about Keep It Complex on

Old Kent Road ward candidate

The Green Party candidate for Old Kent Road ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 is Nick Martin.

Nick Martin is the Chief Executive of the Green Party of England and Wales. He lives in the Old Kent Road ward, a short walk from the Green Party offices at the Biscuit Factory in SE16.

Southwark Green Party has been active in Old Kent Road campaigns:

Peckham ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Peckham ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Anthony Griffiths and Chris Henderson.

Chris HendersonChris Henderson is a postgrad at London South Bank University, studying psychology and psychotherapy. For 7 years Chris worked for inner-city London councils, successfully slashing bureaucracy for charities seeking funding. Chris is now a media activist supporting peace and anti-militarist groups, anti-Tory social media, and the Green Party. A passionate opponent of austerity, Chris says: "Good mental health depends on basic material security, dignity, community and connectedness, leisure and culture, and a liveable environment - human needs not well served by Southwark's aloof 'regeneration' agenda. Power needs to be radically returned to diverse local grass-roots forums, harnessing digital participation and empathic, non-violent, truly respectful community dialogue and negotiation." Chris would also be an advocate for recognition of trans and non-binary residents, sex worker rights, and for public health approaches to people who use drugs to replace criminal justice involvement

Peckham Rye ward candidate

The Green Party candidate for Peckham Rye ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 is Gerard Bennett.

Originally from Ireland, Gerard Bennett has been living in Southwark since the mid 1980s, and for the last 19 years in the Peckham Rye Ward. Having worked for much of his career in computer systems management at the University of Westminster (where he was also UNISON branch secretary and active in many green initiatives), he has now changed direction and is teaching English to refugees and working as a freelance translator. He has been an active member of the local Green Party for the last 9 years. This is the third occasion he has stood in the local elections in this ward. He has been especially active in the campaign to tackle the air pollution crisis and in Green Party work to improve cycling provision and local food growing.

Rotherhithe ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Rotherhithe ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Colin Boyle and Roger Manser.

Colin BoyleColin Boyle has lived in Rotherhithe since 2002, and as soon as he moved here he knew that it was where he wanted to settle and bring up a family. A qualified accountant, Colin leads the delivery of complex IT programmes for the public sector, and this knowledge and experience will enable him to hold Southwark Council to account. “London is changing fast, and the vast development planned for Canada Water will shape our area forever. I absolutely support redevelopment, provided it is the right scale and mix to deliver jobs and a sustainable community, and is supported by the right infrastructure. I believe development should be led by the community, and that Green councillors will be strong, local advocates that Rotherhithe needs at this crucial time.” Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

Roger Manser

Roger Manser retired to Rotherhithe from Lewisham in 2012. His main concern is fighting air pollution as it impacts the elderly. This could include many more strategic footpaths, tree planting, and reducing - wherever possible - the volume of local traffic, particularly diesel vehicles. In recent years, he has been working to see London as a national park city, and campaigning for Britain to meet - equitably - its climate change obligations. Previously he was a journalist, covering the UK and global steel industry. He has also worked in Malawi (as a VSO agricultural economist), Switzerland (lobbying the United Nations on human rights), and Poland and China. His other interests include walking. Follow Roger (@RogerManser) on Twitter

Rye Lane ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Rye Lane ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are David Evans, Jagan Deveraj and Kirsty Lothian.

Jagan DeverajJoseph Jagan Deveraj has a long history of working with young people in community development projects. He volunteers as an IT trainer, helping young people in local communities, encouraging them to take leadership roles and get job ready with IT skills. He was Country Director for Raleigh International, running DfID's International Citizen Service Programme. Jagan is proud to be resident in this vibrant and inclusive borough and is active in the community. He has helped fundraise and organise events in the local school. He is a keen cyclist and beekeeper. His greatest achievement however, is two incredibly strong, vivacious twin daughters.

Kirsty Lothian

Kirsty Lothian has lived in Southwark since 2003, working in the arts and cultural activism. She wants to support tight knit, inclusive communities, and has organised several Big Lunch neighbourhood parties, as well as volunteering in her local playgroup, running an under-fives group for Italian speaking families, and on the management committee of the block of flats she lived in.


St George's ward candidate

The Green Party candidate for St George's ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 is Ian Pocock.

Ian Pocock

Ian Pocock is a long term resident of Southwark. He is the local contact for the London group of Campaign Against Arms Trade and with the group carries out a range of actions against the arms trade in our city. He also works for a locally based charity. He likes to attend gigs and theatre shows.



St Giles ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Camberwell & Peckham's St Giles ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Eleanor Margolies, Paula Orr and Susie Wheeldon.

Eleanor_MargoliesDr Eleanor Margoliesa South Londoner who has lived in Camberwell since 2002, is a writer, researcher, and well-known local campaigner. She was chair of her estate’s Regeneration Project Team for five years, fundraising for a community garden and the estate's first cycle lockers, helping to organise two Big Lunch street parties, and successfully advocating for residents over recycling bins and road safety. In 2014, Eleanor led a citizen science project to study air pollution with pupils at Dog Kennel Hill School and scientists from King’s College London: "Children and the elderly are most at risk but we’re all affected." Eleanor loves discovering local history, quiet streets and new cafes by walking. She created a guide to Camberwell art and parks and has led walks for the public. She is a member of the Cycle Joint Steering Group on Southwark Council and campaigns for safe cycle routes and secure bike parking. In her spare time she volunteers with Wheels for Wellbeing at the Herne Hill Velodrome. [Read more...] [Eleanor's blog...]  Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png Email_icon.png

Paula OrrPaula Orr has lived in the Peckham area for 18 years and is active in protecting green space and giving people a voice in decisions that affect them. Some of the campaigns she has worked on are the successful protection of the Peckham Multi Storey Car Park (home of the Peckhamplex cinema and Peckham Levels) and opposition to unaffordable and inappropriate housing developments in Peckham town centre. Before coming to Peckham, Paula lived and worked for 15 years in Chile where she set up and ran an environmental not for profit company working on recycling and the development of green enterprises at the community level. Paula currently works for a London-based environmental consultancy.

Susie WheeldonSusie Wheeldon has worked as Campaigns Manager at SolarAid, the international solar power charity, and also in the City of London. She has established energy efficiency initiatives and cycled round the world’s deserts to promote the potential of solar energy. She holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College. Susie says: "The Green Party champions not only a truly sustainable future, but a fairer future for all. The passion and determination of our candidates will be used to improve local services, fight for fair wages and defend our green spaces."

South Bermondsey ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for South Bermondsey ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Paul Blackman and Valerie Remy.

Paul Blackman has lived in North Southwark for 30 years and championed the Green Party throughout that time. Paul’s major concerns in the borough are housing, energy, green spaces and traffic pollution. He wants to see a rebalance of our diminished social housing stock; the development of community non-profit, sustainable energy cooperatives, our parks protected and improved, and, as a keen cyclist, he is all too aware of the need to reduce the volume of traffic, so that we can safely live and move around the borough without the risk of being knocked down or asphyxiated. Paul has worked as a journalist specialising in travel, tourism and related environmental issues.

Surrey Docks ward candidate

The Green Party candidate for Surrey Docks ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 is Sandra Lane.

Sandra is an artist and has lived in Southwark for many years, engaging in community campaigns to preserve local heritage.

  • We strongly support the proposal for the Rotherhithe 'Brunel Bridge' for a new bridge for people on foot and cycle.
  • We also support the implementation of Cycle Superhighway 4, and call for Southwark Council to work with TfL to fill in the 'missing gap'.We were disappointed that Labour and Lib Dem councillors did not support the proposal.
  • These proposals have the potential to hugely improve transport links in the area and reduce air pollution. This is a terrific letter from a local doctor (not connected with the Green Party) to Southwark News, showing why CS4 is so important.
  • We will continue to engage with plans for Canada Water as they develop.

[More information on our work in Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks...]