Wellbeing Economy for Southwark

Green Party calls for health and wellbeing to be top of the agenda in Southwark decision-making 

Southwark Green Party is calling for a shift from traditional thinking to the embracing of “a wellbeing economy”. 

A wellbeing economy shifts focus onto policies that make a difference to people across the borough in their daily lives, and a simple first step will be to sign up to the Wellbeing Economy Alliance which brings together individuals, organisations, local authorities and national governments who are already working towards a Wellbeing Economy for the benefit of their communities.

Green Party candidate, Catherine Dawkins, said:

“The accepted model we have inherited is a fixation on economic growth for its own sake in our local and national economies, over and above the health and wellbeing of people.

"We need to see a shift in focus from the council to ensure it is looking at the kind of policies that will make a difference to people in their daily lives and tackle the climate emergency at the same time.”

As part of the run up to last year’s CP26 climate summit, Green MP Caroline Lucas backed an official petition that triggered a parliamentary debate on the wellbeing economy, demonstrating again the progressive leadership that Greens are giving at all levels of government. 

We need to see these sort of debates here in Southwark. 


Green Party candidate Catherine Dawkins (r) supporting a Plastic Free Peckham community clean-up event in Kirkwood Nature Reserve


For a full list of Green Party candidates standing for election in Southwark, click here.

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