2022 Candidates for Southwark Council

The election for new councillors for Southwark takes place on Thursday 5 May.

Our communities and our environment can be better served with Greens elected to the council chamber.

We have seen the positive impact Green councillors have had in other parts of London and across the country - and it’s time to see the same here in Southwark. See a full list of Green Party candidates listed below.

Vote Green Party for Fairer, Greener Communities.



Full alphabetical list by ward

Borough & Bankside: no candidate

Camberwell Green: Remy Valerie

Champion Hill: Michael Millar

Chaucer: Robert Hutchinson

Dulwich Hill: Myrtle Bruce-Mitford

Dulwich Village: Piers Holden, Chris Langdon

Dulwich Wood: Guy Fairbairn, Vincent Matley

Faraday: Fina Esteve, Emma He, Liba Hoskin

Goose Green: Philip Collins, David Jennings

London Bridge & West Bermondsey: Susan Hunter, Chris Terrill

Newington: Suzy Gillett, Lina Ospina Usma, Clare Wood

North Bermondsey: Nicola Hearn

North Walworth: Peter Baffoe, Steven Lehman, Tom Wedell

Nunhead & Queens Road: Catherine Dawkins, Claire Sheppard, Richard Taylor

Old Kent Road: Sandra Lane

Peckham: no candidate

Peckham Rye: Gerard Bennett, Steven Sheppard

Rotherhithe: Colin Boyle, Susan Cooke, Roger Manser

Rye Lane: Peter Reder, Alex van Vliet

South Bermondsey: no candidate

St Georges: Mary Clegg

St Giles: Eleanor Margolies, Bryan Symons

Surrey Docks: Jason Conway


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