Beyond Covid-19: Universal Basic Income

The effects of coronavirus on our local and global society have dramatically highlighted many long-standing Green concerns – from climate impact to social justice, Universal Basic Income to the need for Active Travel routes.

Together with Lambeth Green Party, we are hosting Beyond Covid-19, a series of online Speaker Events for members and supporters to hear from topic experts and consider ways to ensure that the lessons from coronavirus lead to a more positive future for all.

UBI visual

Our first event looks at Universal Basic Income (UBI) and we are delighted to host co-Leader of the Green Party and our London Mayoral candidate, Siân Berry.

Photograph of Sian Berry

Calls for UBI have hit the headlines recently, but we know that as far back as 15 November 2019 Siân Berry launched our policy for UBI, making us the first political party to promise a fully costed Universal Basic Income for every resident by 2025.

UBI would scrap Universal Credit, which has been found to push people further into poverty and destitution. Under the proposed UBI scheme, every adult would receive at least £89 per week, with additional UBI payments for groups of people who experience barriers to working, including disabled people, single parents and people of pension age.

All benefits except housing benefit and carers allowance would be incorporated into the new payments, which would be phased in over five years. The plan aims to eliminate the cruelty of the current benefits system, opening the door to opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach, and liberate people from the anxiety of job insecurity.

RSVP to this event to receive the necessary details on how to attend this online event and hear Siân lay out this policy, ask questions and decide what we in Lambeth and Southwark can do right now to push this policy forward.

May 06, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Susan Hunter

Will you come?

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