Beyond Covid-19: Green New Deal

Beyond Covid-19 is a programme of online Speaker Events for members and supporters of the Green Parties of Lambeth and Southwark. At each event we hear from topic experts and consider ways to ensure that the lessons from coronavirus lead to a more positive and robust future for all.

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This event focuses on The Green New Deal and we are delighted to welcome Molly Scott-Cato to guide the discussion. MEP for the South-West of England from 2014 – 2020, and Professor of Green Economics, not surprisingly, Molly speaks for the Green Party on finance issues.

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In 2008 The Green New Deal was published. Co-authored by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, it advocated the re-regulation of finance and taxation and called for major government investment in renewable energy sources as a way out of the Global Financial Crisis.

More than a decade since its publication and in the midst of another crisis, now is a fascinating moment to bring the two together: can investment in the Green New Deal successfully navigate both the current pandemic and tackle the environmental and climate emergency? The Green New Deal was at the heart of the Green Party manifesto at the last General Election and the associated investment - £100 billion per year – grabbed headlines and rightly presented a radical agenda for change and a sustainable future. With eye-watering amounts directed at plans for mitigating the effects of the pandemic not surprisingly many now see the Green New Deal as considerably more realistic than just a few months ago.

What can we do to make the case for the Green New Deal effectively?

How do we support the movement to ‘build back better’ and not slip back to the carbon-reliant damaging economic model?

How does the Green New Deal translate to local communities?

In addition to hearing Molly’s views you can raise your own questions (email [email protected]). We look forward to welcoming you to this event and to your contributions.


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A few links to further reading that you may find interesting ahead of the event:

The world wasn’t ready for a Green New Deal in 2009. Today it may be Article by Guardian Economics Editor, Larry Elliott, 28 May 2020 

Green Party manifesto on Green New Deal

The original report from 2008

…and finally - just because we love it - a deliciously powerful moment from Molly’s time at the European Parliament when challenged by Brexit MEP Robert Rowland on her economic credentials. Oh, dear...

July 01, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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