Air Pollution Campaign

Southwark Green Party has been lobbying Southwark Council to take action on air pollution since 2011.

We've carried out our own air pollution studies and informed residents about how they can reduce the amount of pollution they breathe.

The new Southwark Council air quality webpages bring together some excellent resources and information. But they are a little thin on details of the borough's own initiatives to reduce air pollution. [Note: As this is a new/beta version of the page/section and it may move - here is an alternative link]

We'll keep asking questions.

If you'd like to help out then please sign-up on our volunteer page.

If you'd like to find out more, please contact us

In the meantime, here are a couple more questions for you - with some answers.

1) How can I find out the level of pollution on my street?

2) How can I find out levels of pollution near schools?

3) How can I plan a lower pollution route? 

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