A safe, secure home is a precious thing

John_Tyson_Ledbury_Estate.jpgAs Greens we believe our homes are a fundamental basic right. Whether you own or rent, you want to know you and your loved ones have somewhere to live. And there’s no more important time than over winter.

Green activist John Tyson worked throughout the summer with the Ledbury Action Group to get the Council to commit to rehousing residents and safeguarding their estate, in Peckham. Successive councils had ignored residents’ concerns over building safety, and an engineers’ report finally commissioned this year found that the four blocks were at risk of collapse from a gas explosion.

John says, "A key lesson from Grenfell was that we need to listen to people. Residents raised concerns that weren’t heard. Our response needs to be to find fire safety measures that are practical, ensure safety, but recognise individual needs."

Closer to home, we’ve been chasing the Council on vital repairs. A burst pipe under Aird House, Rockingham Estate, has been flowing for weeks. We’re pushing the Housing Officer for a resolution.

Private renters in Metro Central Heights contacted us about concerns they had on housing conditions, and we suggested looking at the London Renters Union, an initiative brought about with help from Green London Assembly member Sian Berry, aimed at giving renters better rights, lower rents and a fairer housing system.

John says, "Whether it’s a flooding washing machine, an unexpected rise in your rent, or the threat of eviction, we all know how that stress and fear subsequently infects every waking hour. The housing crisis is every bit as much about having decent flats and houses for us all to live in."

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