Stand up for climate change report

On 9 November, less than 24 hours after the election of climate change denier Donald Trump, Green Party members from Southwark and Lambeth attended the annual Dulwich and West Norwood (DaWN) Speak Up for the Climate meeting, organised by DaWN MP Helen Hayes.

Although the meeting was billed as a non-partisan community event, the only party-political speakers on the platform were from the Labour Party. From the audience, Southwark GP member Chris Glenn pointed out that the fight for the climate was larger than one party and that maximum unity was essential if we are to have a chance of real success. He urged Helen Hayes to meet Jonathan Bartley, Lambeth resident and newly elected co-leader of the Greens, to discuss further joint initiatives. The DaWN MP replied that she would welcome Jonathan contacting her.

Almost all of the contributions from the Labour panel speakers focused on eliminating fossil fuels. Chris pointed out that it was important to recognise how everything is connected. Being against fossil fuel but in favour of Heathrow expansion, or against Heathrow expansion but in favour of the expansion of Gatwick and other airports, weakens our efforts. Similarly, if we say we are for peace, it makes no sense to support the renewal of Trident and the bombing of Syria.

Local Green Party members will continue to note our MPs' voting records and to urge maximum unity to protect our climate.

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