Southwark Greens issue statement of solidarity with all Southwark citizens following the EU referendum result

The rich cultural mix in Southwark is one of its strengths. Many Londoners are linked by family, history or love to other parts of the world, whether they were born in London or have moved here.

Southwark Greens celebrate the diversity of our borough. We recognise that the NHS, schools and nurseries, London's food, transport and construction sectors - to name just a few - depend on the expertise and dedication of people from all over the world, including EU citizens. We are all part of Southwark. The referendum result has been treated by a few as a licence to suggest that some of us are not welcome here.

As members of Southwark Green Party, we commit ourselves to defending the rights of all our fellow Londoners, our friends and neighbours, to participate as equals and feel at home in the city we share.

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