Petition for Safe Crossing on Lausanne Road

As many of you have told us, there is no pedestrian crossing along the length of Lausanne Road between Queens Road Peckham and Evelina Road. Many parents in Nunhead and Queens Road, as well as Telegraph Hill, send their children to Edmund Waller Primary School in Lewisham. In order to get there, children have to cross either Lausanne Road or Gellatly Road. Both are very busy, with fast moving traffic. While there are traffic islands, there really is no safe crossing for people to use!

The contrast with some other local primary schools is striking: there's a zebra crossing and often a school crossing patrol close to Hollydale School (on Evelina Road), and the same for St Mary Magdalene School (on Consort Road).

Both Southwark and Lewisham Green Party have spoken to many residents along the road itself and in the area and we know it has been a long standing issue – no safe crossing has been implemented as of yet. We have contacted both councils to try and get this resolved and need your support to get things done. The more people who lend their voice to this issue, the more likely we can get a safe crossing in place.

So please sign our petition to get a safe crossing for Lausanne Road!


Dear Councillors,

We, the undersigned, are writing to request the installation of a safe crossing on Lausanne Road. This area is heavily used by pedestrians, particularly school children walking to and from Edmund Waller Primary School. However, the current lack of a crossing or other safety measures makes it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians to navigate.

We believe that a safe crossing would greatly improve the safety and convenience of this area for all users. It would also encourage more people to walk and bike, which has numerous benefits for the community, including improved public health and reduced traffic congestion.

We urge you to take action on this important issue and install a safe crossing on Lausanne Road as soon as possible.


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