Justice for Aylesbury Estate tenants and leaseholders

Aylesbury Estate demolition underwayBuild more council housing - not unaffordable luxury flats

Temporary tenants need to be able to obtain secure tenancies rather than being shuffled about from one address to another, and so relieving Southwark Council from providing secure tenancies. Secure tenants need to be able to retain their secure tenancies, rather than losing them by being forced to change to a housing association lease.

Leaseholders demand like-for-like replacements for their flats, in the local area – so they can remain with their community, and have no increase in commute to work. They reject any invasion of their privacy with financial assessments, and financial restrictions like the £16k rule. They demand the right to transfer any mortgages at the same repayment level. They should be able to pass on their homes to their children, make alterations, and let out the property if they so wish.

Aylesbury resident Ignas Galvelis says: “Southwark Council is inflicting the loss of homes on its own tenants and residents, through wasteful demolitions motivated by profit-making. The council should at least treat them fairly. It is shameful that residents need to fight for their rights through CPO hearings.”

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