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Help Walworth Green Party Members Reach the Local Community

Walworth and Elephant & Castle are being rapidly transformed, and it's not the people who live here who are the priority for Labour-run Southwark Council. With the Southwark Council elections taking place on May 3rd, it's really important that residents in our area get to hear that there is an active alternative option available on their local ballot papers. 

Walworth Green Party is fielding a great slate of activist candidates, to take on the local Labour councillors, and we're delivering our hard-hitting community newsletters to thousands of letterboxes across Walworth. We've beefed up our Web and social media presence too.

This election time, our neighbourhood really needs a proper democratic debate... but the local Green Party has only a fraction of the resources of Southwark Labour Party.

Our crowdfunder

So we're seeking crowdfunding, to level the playing field a little. We've made some great, eye-catching social media candidate videos, and we are running them as Facebook paid ads reaching thousands of ordinary voters, in the right part of Walworth for each ward.

With your £3 donation, we can place a Facebook 'sponsored post' reaching the news feeds of over 300 ordinary local residents.

You choose which candidate video (or cartoon) to sponsor

You can choose exactly which Facebook post your money sponsors. You can choose to sponsor the video message of Peter Baffoe or Lina Usma standing in North Walworth ward, of Betiel Mehari standing in Newington ward, or Liam Hennessy standing in Faraday ward. Alternatively, you can sponsor our fun satirical cartoon.

To sponsor a specific post, simply drop an email to [email protected] after you donate, or send a DM to the Walworth Greens Facebook or Twitter account, confirming which of the posts you wish your money to be spent on.

See our menu of sponsored posts below:

Thank you

With your donation you are supporting democracy and community debate in our local neighbourhood. Thank you.

Please note: if you wish to donate more than £500 in a year, you must be a citizen of the UK and on the UK electoral roll. Donations over £500 from any ineligible donor will be returned.

Spread the word

Crowdfunder video and appeal on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Walworth_Greens/status/986628551335206912

Crowdfunder video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7f2gAAcs44