Make your vote count on 8 June!

Every Green vote counts. With more support, we will influence the direction of British politics.


In two Southwark constituencies, Camberwell & Peckham and Dulwich & West Norwood, the previous Labour MPs had huge majorities. They are not marginal seats.

With more support, we will influence the direction of British politics. We are shifting the debate towards a confident and caring Britain. Powerful speakers like Caroline Lucas, Jonathan Bartley and Molly Scott-Cato are standing up for what matters. For the NHS, for education, for secure and truly affordable homes, for clean air, and for a final say on the terms of the EU deal.

We're delighted that so many Green Party policies are being taken up by the Labour Party. But as Jonathan Bartley has said:

'You can't solve the air pollution crisis while expanding airports and roads. You can't be a peacebuilder while renewing Trident. To see the Labour Party give up on freedom of movement and fail to offer a ratification referendum on a final deal with the EU is disappointing. Only the Green Party is committed to keeping Britain close to our European neighbours, building a truly fair economy and protecting our environment.'

The Green Party wants to see progressive MPs elected across the country. You can help by contacting friends around the country and encouraging them to check their constituency here to see which progressive candidate is most likely to win. Global Justice have a great list of ways to encourage young people to vote (hint - they apply to older people too!)


  • In Dulwich & West Norwood, our candidate is broadcaster and campaigner Rashid Nix. 
  • In Camberwell and Peckham, Greens came a very close third in 2015. Our candidate is air pollution campaigner Eleanor Margolies.
  • In the closely fought Bermondsey and Old Southwark, there's all the more reason to vote Green - to demonstrate that you want BOTH proper funding for the NHS and schools, AND a referendum on the terms of a Brexit deal. Our candidate is local housing activist John Tyson.
Every Green vote counts.

Thank you for standing up for what matters and voting Green on 8 June.


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