"Did somebody say regeneration?"

Elephant Park construction site: Photo by Guy Mannes-AbbottNorth Walworth has been subjected to years of “regeneration”, resulting in very scarce public benefits but staggering profits for Lendlease. The next phase of “regeneration” at the Shopping Centre only acknowledged the existing traders and community after the offshore developers submitted their planning application. Is there really no alternative?

Thousands of flats, often gated and empty, are being erected using excellent public transport links as a justification, yet a lethal dual carriageway still runs through the heart of the area, adding toxicity to our city-wide health crisis.

I articulated what became a community campaign to rescue some of the Heygate forest’s “public welfare values” for a restored park and hundreds of widely dispersed replacement trees. But the park is private, surrounded by a 1km-wide treeless greyzone and severed from the community to the north by a toxic ravine.

For me, green politics is about articulating what matters, joined-up in practice and truly universal in principle. Join us?

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