Rye Lane ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Rye Lane ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are David Evans, Jagan Deveraj and Kirsty Lothian.

Jagan DeverajJoseph Jagan Deveraj has a long history of working with young people in community development projects. He volunteers as an IT trainer, helping young people in local communities, encouraging them to take leadership roles and get job ready with IT skills. He was Country Director for Raleigh International, running DfID's International Citizen Service Programme. Jagan is proud to be resident in this vibrant and inclusive borough and is active in the community. He has helped fundraise and organise events in the local school. He is a keen cyclist and beekeeper. His greatest achievement however, is two incredibly strong, vivacious twin daughters.

Kirsty Lothian

Kirsty Lothian has lived in Southwark since 2003, working in the arts and cultural activism. She wants to support tight knit, inclusive communities, and has organised several Big Lunch neighbourhood parties, as well as volunteering in her local playgroup, running an under-fives group for Italian speaking families, and on the management committee of the block of flats she lived in.


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