Peckham ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Peckham ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Anthony Griffiths and Chris Henderson.

Chris HendersonChris Henderson is a postgrad at London South Bank University, studying psychology and psychotherapy. For 7 years Chris worked for inner-city London councils, successfully slashing bureaucracy for charities seeking funding. Chris is now a media activist supporting peace and anti-militarist groups, anti-Tory social media, and the Green Party. A passionate opponent of austerity, Chris says: "Good mental health depends on basic material security, dignity, community and connectedness, leisure and culture, and a liveable environment - human needs not well served by Southwark's aloof 'regeneration' agenda. Power needs to be radically returned to diverse local grass-roots forums, harnessing digital participation and empathic, non-violent, truly respectful community dialogue and negotiation." Chris would also be an advocate for recognition of trans and non-binary residents, sex worker rights, and for public health approaches to people who use drugs to replace criminal justice involvement

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