Goose Green ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Goose Green ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are David Jennings, Dale Latchford and Rose Ades.

David JenningsDavid Jennings has lived in East Dulwich for over ten years. He has played a key part in Southwark Green Party’s campaigns on air quality. Most recently he coordinated the monitoring of air quality at Goose Green Primary School — in support of the successful campaign to install a ‘green screen’ between the play area and the road — and the public playground. David wants to ensure that open spaces like Green Dale, which function as lungs for the community, retain their protected status as Metropolitan Open Land. David is an occupational psychologist and creates online learning courses for trade unionists and teachers. Follow David (@GooseGreenGP) on Twitter...

Dale Latchford writes: "I have lived in East Dulwich since 2012, having moved to be nearer family and enjoy the cleaner air, lovely parks and open spaces. I have been pleased to discover a brilliant, vibrant and compassionate community here. How lucky we are! I began volunteering at the Copleston Centre in Peckham, where I started as a support worker engaged on mental health and wellbeing projects. Primarily my role was to run the café and spend time with local residents. I was then invited to join the Management Committee as a trustee and became an active member of the Fundraising Committee. I hope to develop a social enterprise model to deliver community-based early intervention programmes targeting early stage depression, anxiety and stress within a community setting. I am an Executive Search Consultant and Coach by profession, providing recruitment services and structured advice. In my spare time I have studied Psychotherapy and Counselling at Birkbeck, University of London, and qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach. As a Green Party member I have a passion for improving the wellbeing of local people. I am acutely aware of the role that our physical environment (pollution) and political and social systems (housing and education) play in our lived experience. I feel it is important to battle on all fronts, and demand the best lives for ourselves, our children and every member of our community."

Rose Ades came to live in Southwark nearly 30 years ago. A journalist and solicitor, Rose has been active in a variety of community projects and campaigns in south east London that bring people together in conserving the environment, making the most of natural resources and improving transport, accessibility, and public health. As Head of the Cycling Centre of Excellence at Transport for London Rose helped to make cycling a popular and practical form of transport for adults as well as children.

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