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The playground of Goose Green Primary School in East Dulwich is full of activity: there’s a water area where children can create rushing rivers or meandering streams and a music station with percussion and wind instruments, as well as plenty of joyful running about for no apparent reason. But the playground is adjacent to a very busy road carrying 5 bus routes, a main route between Camberwell and the South Circular. It’s one of 1,148 schools in London within 150 metres of roads carrying 10,000 or more vehicles per day.

In 2017, David Jennings and Eleanor Margolies, members of Southwark Green Party, measured nitrogen dioxide levels outside the school as part of an area-wide study.

A new secondary school for our area has been approved by the government after two years of hard campaigning by local parents, with over 1500 choosing the Charter School to be the provider as opposed to national academy chains. But the shortage of school places continues to be a major concern for local parents.

East Dulwich local candidates

Below is information about the Green Party 2018 local election candidates for East Dulwich wards.

Champion Hill ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Champion Hill ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Michael Millar and Alex Howard.

Michael Millar

Michael Millar is a retired NHS hospital doctor, who has lived in Camberwell for 18 years. His support for the Green Party comes from a desire to ensure that the natural world that our children inherit is rich and diverse, and that the potential to live well is not constrained by environmental damage. Cycling is his main mode of transport and he strongly supports further development of the cycling network in London. He continues to support medical research in a variety of ways and has become increasingly concerned about the relationship between inequality and ill health. He favours those social, housing and educational policies which help children develop their full potential, and which reduce inequality of opportunity.

Alex Howard has lived in Southwark for 20 years, in Camberwell and East Dulwich. Alex is a manufacturing systems engineer and management consultant, specialising in sustainability. He also runs a social enterprise, Engines for Good that seeks to promote retrofitted electric vehicles as a low cost, low carbon transport solution. Alex is committed to living sustainably and building green communities for all. He has school-age kids and is actively working with the new local secondary school, The Charter School, East Dulwich, promoting sustainability issues. He has campaigned for solar panels on local schools, and helps run monthly Play Street road closures. He is also a committed cyclist. Alex says: “Like many of us, I am shocked and ashamed at our country’s lurch to the far right; the Green Party is a truly progressive, inclusive party that seeks to address the biggest issues, which affect us all, locally and globally.”

Goose Green ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Goose Green ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are David Jennings, Rose Ades and Dale Latchford.

David JenningsDavid Jennings has lived in East Dulwich for over ten years. He has played a key part in Southwark Green Party’s campaigns on air quality. Most recently he coordinated the monitoring of air quality at Goose Green Primary School — in support of the successful campaign to install a ‘green screen’ between the play area and the road — and the public playground. David wants to ensure that open spaces like Green Dale, which function as lungs for the community, retain their protected status as Metropolitan Open Land. David is an occupational psychologist and creates online learning courses for trade unionists and teachers. Follow David (@GooseGreenGP) on Twitter...

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