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Borough & Bankside ward candidates

The Green Party candidates for Borough & Bankside ward in the Southwark Council elections on Thursday 3rd May 2018 are Peter Hamilton, Maren White and Will Leuchars.

Peter HamiltonPeter Hamilton has recently retired from a lifetime in the law as a barrister, and is now ready to do what he can for the people of Southwark. He says: "Southwark Council should work for the common good of the community, especially in housing, health including social care, and public transport. Housing policy should focus on renovating existing estates and keeping communities intact, so maintaining support systems and friendship groups and avoiding stress and potential long-term mental and physical harm for residents. Public transport should be based on a good and frequent services by hydrogen and electric buses, so reducing the use of private vehicles and levels of air pollution. Cycling should be further encouraged by extending the cycle lane network and designating sensible quiet ways for all ages to schools, libraries and parks."

Maren WhiteMaren White says: "Green Party policies need to start locally. As a settled, semi-retired, Southwark resident there is now space in my life to work towards helping to make the place I live in a happier, cleaner, more just, equal and green one for all. Housing, transport, air pollution and facilities for families, such as libraries, are high on my list of spaces and places in which to make changes for the better. The children of Southwark are part of its future and they need all the help that we can give them and their families. They need stable housing to grow up in, good education and local support systems; safe, pollution-free spaces to play in with friends and family, and access to nature to explore."

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